Tax & Accounting Services:

We provide integrated Accounting services for the organization and reorganization of your Accounting Department, ensuring reliable and qualitative accounting information.

• Tax & Accounting monitoring
• Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with the IFRS
• Organisation and training of internal control systems
• Preparation of Financial Statements and Balance Sheets in compliance with existing legislation
• Supervision of organized Accounting Departments
• Development, implementation and supervision of Analytical Accounting plan
• Control and supervise the operation of the company in order to avoid penalties for tax legislation provisions
• Preparation, submission and monitoring of Tax Returns (Income, VAT, withholding taxes, stamp duty etc.)
• Support in Tax Audits of Public Authorities
• Reporting system, short-term results, financial indicators, accounting analysis
• Diagnostic tax audits
• Study, organization and set up of Accounting Departments

All Tax & Accounting issues are examined in detail from our company, with the appropriate proposals following thorough study and analysis. We examined each case individually and propose the appropriate solution.


• Undertake and fulfillment of all Insurance and Labor obligations
• Coverage in payroll issues of all types of companies
• Resolving Labor and Insurance issues of companies’ personnel
• Design and support for the implementation of any type of remuneration, incentive and motivation
• Compliance and ongoing control with applicable labor laws
• Payroll Budget
• Consulting Services in Labor Law issues

Corporate issues – Conversion – Clearing

S.I.ROUSSOS & PARTNERS S.A. undertakes the completion of all the procedures required for:

• Establishment of Companies
• Support in the process of establishment of companies in Greece and abroad
• Valuation of companies
• Tax and Accounting support during merge and conversion of companies
• Tax support for issues arising during bankruptcy
• Tax consultancy and clearing companies
• Net enterprise evaluation, acquisitions, increases-decreases of capitals, statutory codes
• Establishment and support of foreign companies

S.I.ROUSSOS & PARTNERS S.A. is manned with highly specialized executives. Their long-term experience and profound know-how, as well as the commitment to provide high quality services to our customers, make them trustworthy and effective partners for the company and for each customer. The way we convert our know-how and specialized knowledge into practical solutions allows each company to exploit the application of modern financial techniques by adapting them to current reality.

Transfer Pricing Consulting services:

• Create a file for Transfer Pricing issues
• Create and submit summarized table of Transfer Pricing
• Consulting Services on the design, compliance and documentation of Transfer Pricing
• Tax Consulting throughout the year and analysis of tax obligations for branches of foreign companies in Greece
• Submission a declaration of abroad residents to the relevant tax office
• Taxation issues for international trade obligations
• Consulting services and finding solutions to international tax issues in the safest and most effective way

Banking Issues-Mediation with Banking institutions


• Professional evaluation of your business debts
• Analysis of company’s financial statements
• Preparation of specific Economic and Feasibility Study to Bank Institutions
• Settlement of debts by capitalization of overdue debts
• Elongation of repayment period
• New credit line for raising liquidity
• Grace period where you will pay a limited monthly amount or freeze debts for a certain period of time

The purpose of a Feasibility Study and Business Plan is to investigate the causes of company’s financial discomfort and to propose restructuring, reorganization, refinancing or any other moves are necessary to rescue the company.

Mediation with Banking Institutions

We also undertake and negotiate funding from Banking Institutions.

Corporations and Public Authorities

S.I.ROUSSOS & PARTNERS S.A. has many years of experience in Accounting, Taxation and Consulting Services at large Corporations and Public Authorities.
We take part in Public Tenders for the provision of Accounting, Taxation and Consulting Services to various kinds of Public Authorities, such as Hospital Units or Local Authorities, Public Entities and other operators of the wider Public Sector.

• Inventory (Recording and Valuation) of chattel and Real Estate
• Support to the Application of Double Tax Accounting System (General Accounting) while maintaining Public Accounting, fully adapting the relevant Presidential Decrees to the accounting particularities and needs of each entity.
• Application of Analytical Accounting
• Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with the relevant Presidential Decrees
• Creation of Statistical Bulletins
• Consulting services for the analysis of needs in the electronic data processing
• Training of staff on double-entry Accounting system
• Payroll calculation
• Return of Insurance Deductions
• General support for labor and insurance legislation
• Drafting and Monitoring of Annual Budget
• Compilation of Sustainability Studies