Stathis I. Roussos

Studied accounting and finance at the University of East London from where he graduated in 1996. He participated as a shareholder in a large accounting société anonyme in Thessaloniki with branches in Athens, Cyprus and London, where he held a leading position by making alliances with major financial and investment companies.

During the years of his employment in the accounting firm he was responsible for controlling large portfolios of customers both in Greece and abroad. He supervised the drafting, approval and audit of financial statements and balance sheets of approved undertakings operating in the fields of export industries, crafts and food companies.

He has been a consultant for the listing of companies both in the Athens Stock Exchange and in the New Stock Exchange Market. He has also signed hospitals' balance sheets as a member of the accounting firm in which he participated.

He has taken part in several lectures and seminars on vocational training and has gained significant experience in domestic and international tax planning with work in the areas of financial services, energy, raw materials, real estate and retail.

Efstathios Roussos is a Class A approved chartered accountant and member of the Economic Chamber of Greece.


The key element of success and the most valuable factor of growth of S.I.ROUSSOS & ASSOCIATES is the human resources. Our staff are noted for the high level of education and training on issues relating to economics, accounting, and taxation. Our people fully cover the needs of everyday life and provide the correct planning. What we seek is to be valuable partners for our customers and support them for a best profitable future.

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